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The University of Tennessee
UT-ORNL Distinguished Graduate Fellowships Program

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Multiscale fluidic structure
The integrated silicon pillar array is composed of 18 micron tall 800 nm wide pillars in a hexagonal arrangement. The interstitial spaces between pillars form an ordered network of nanofluidic channels. The bifurcating (tree-like) system of channels provide an interface between the network of nanopores and the macroscopic experimental environment.

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials science and engineering - the study of the structure and properties of materials and their applications - has grown enormously in recent years, including research at the nanoscale level, where the physical and chemical properties of materials, controlled by quantum effects, are quite different from their properties at the molecular or macroscale levels.

Programs at UT Knoxville and ORNL in materials science and engineering are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to our fundamental understanding and technological applications of advanced materials at the nano-, meso-, and macro-length scales. These programs have contributed to the recent growth of advanced technologies with applications to computers, electronics, medicine, transportation, aerospace, energy, and the environment.

ORNL is home to an extraordinary collection of facilities for materials research, including

  • the Spallation Neutron Source - the world’s most powerful pulsed source for neutron scattering;
  • the High Flux Isotope Reactor, with world-leading steady-state neutron fluxes and a high-brightness cold source;
  • the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences - DOE’s first nanoscience center; and
  • the National Center for Computational Science, with the world’s fastest supercomputer for materials modeling and simulation.

ORNL materials research programs span virtually all classes of materials, integrate fundamental and applied research, and include exceptional synthesis, processing, and characterization capabilities.


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Lee Riedinger
Professor of Physics
Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education

Wanda Davis
Assistant to the Director

322 Perkins Hall
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